Matt Ruud

SEO Consultant.

As the Director of SEO for Rocket Clicks, I oversee all of the efforts of the SEO team. My role is to keep them on the bleeding edge of tactics and strategy. Personally, I assist with most of the technical SEO issues faced by our clients and provide strategic insight.

With MPR Consulting, I work with smaller businesses to shore up their online presence, through SEO, Content Strategy and other forms of Internet marketing. Many times, when these businesses grow larger, they become clients of Rocket Clicks.


With a background as an educator, I love to teach. Since my current role does not afford me time to teach anymore, I enjoy sharing knowledge about a wide variety of topics at speaking engagements. Marketing can be fun and exciting! No seriously, it can. Invite me to speak and I’ll prove it.

Accumulator of Knowledge.

While my day job may prevent it, I am hungry for knowledge of all kinds. I cannot stop consuming random facts. Often, they actually add value to my work.